The small beads are useful versatile in a multitude of craft projects where a quick flash of color or texture will raise the project from the mundane to the extraordinary. The small beads, such as seed beads, are available in all colors of the rainbow with opaque and glossy finishes. It is worth storing small beads or old clothes and bags that are useful to use as embellishments.

small pearls

Borders and fringes

Small beads strung on cotton thread or fishing line and then glue around the edge of coasters purchased at a store to make a border. Choose beads that match the decor of the room or the colors in the design of coasters to complement and frame the image. Make a fringe for display in a tiny pearls sewn lamp in short pieces of nylon thread. Paste the beads inside the screen to hang. The can do the same length or design a pattern using different lengths of fringes. Mix small pearls with some larger for effect of different design.



The small beads are an ideal addition to tassels. These are available in craft stores or you can make your own with embroidery thread. Sew small beads in some strings of tassels and use them as light haulers, closures or as an addition to pointing. Ensures the beads with a drop of glue or, if the tassel is large enough, tie a knot below the beads to keep them in place.



Pearl Mosaics

The tiles add charm to everyday objects. Suitable objects to make mosaics include picture frames, coasters old or mirrors. Make mosaic pattern is simple. Try swirling geometric patterns or random. First draw the pattern with a pencil, then fill in the sections with a craft glue that is transparent. Place small beads into the glue and let it set. Work of a section at a time to avoid mixing colors. When cover the whole surface, covering the mosaic of beads with a clear varnish.


Elements for the tips of pencils

Create elements to the tips of pencils as small gifts or charges for children or let them make theirs with embroidery thread and small beads. Paste half a length of 12 inches (30 cm) wire, 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) below the top of the pencil, the pencil then wrapped with the yarn to cover the tape. Tie the ends with a secure knot. Sew colorful beads hanging over the ends. Tie a knot below the beads to keep them in place. Make several laps around the pencil with embroidery thread if you’d like to hang over both ends.