In recent years a large number of companies are changing the formulas of their products for skin care for safer and more environmentally friendly. Surely you look at the product labels lists the ingredients of what it is they do not contain. Naturally , this led to question what these harmful elements are and why so many other products are using these dangerous ingredients in the care products skin. The fact is that hazardous ingredients in these products are the norm, not the exception. Learn what ingredients you should avoid in products for skin care is essential for your health and the health of our planet.

products for skin care

Propylene glycol (MSDS)
Propylene glycol contained in many cosmetics as a moisturizer. Products in skin care, a humectant is used to help the skin to maintain its humidity. In fact, the propylene glycol is an industrial coolant which is also used in the brake and hydraulic fluids with paint and floor waxes. It is a known skin irritant and can damage the liver and kidneys. Many skin care products use propylene glycol including lotions, creams and deodorants.

Laurilsufato sodium
Sodium lauryl sulfate and other sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate are possibly the most dangerous ingredients in skin care products. They are known skin irritants that have been linked to skin conditions like eczema. However dioxins can cause cancer causing and nitration forming in the product packaging. These dioxins and nitrates can be absorbed through the skin and, over time, can cause cancer. This ingredient is used in many cleaning products for the skin. The reason why the skin care products using this ingredient is that they are cheap and easily foaming.
The DEA is used as emulsifier, solvent, detergent and humectant. However, the DEA can react with nitrates in forming carcinogenic products. In fact, many believe that the DEA is actually a carcinogen itself. The National Toxicology Program or NTP studied Dea exposure in laboratory animals and found that there was a link between DEA and cancer in these animals. Since tests are still being conducted to see whether the same association exists in humans, some experts believe it is better to avoid the DEA.

Many people are surprised to learn that the same substance used to embalm the deceased body after use in products for skin care. Formaldehyde is used in many care for the same reason because it is a preservative.