A simple dress black is the perfect piece to have in any women’s wardrobe. Can be used for day, night, for formal occasions and for any event. A dress black looks good on every woman, no matter the detail they have. Although a garment so fabulous, can you ever need to cheer and make it a little more interesting . Here are some tips to spice up a simple dress black.

simple black dress

Wear a sleeveless lace shirt under the dress . The top of it should sneak below, which will give a nice extra touch. It is a good alternative for those who want to add a sensuous detail but not exposing too much cleavage. Do not worry because the shirt can be too hot under the dress , as it has no sleeves.

A belt will give extra detail to a dress simple. You can put a belt on your waist or a few inches below your breasts. This will give the illusion of a bigger bust, and a different shape to your body. Instead of using a common belt, you can wear a silk or velvet ribbon.
Place a beautiful brooch on the dress . You can turn it on the front below your shoulder. You can also place it in a dress crossed just at the point where the fabrics come together at the neckline. This holds the fabric into place and prevents run. A brooch, especially one old or vintage, it gives a beautiful touch to a dress

A cute transparent shawl will look fabulous with a dress spaghetti straps or strapless. It not only gives life to the dress, but keeps you warm when it’s cool.

Combine the dress with tights colored black. They will give a touch of color and you can find a pair acceptable for less than $ 10. The tights come in all colors of the rainbow and since the dress black, you can choose any of them.

Some gorgeous shoes are a good way to give life to a team. Find shoes metallic or brightly colored instead of black. The best thing to do is to wear shoes heels high.