Dynamite and diamonds come in small size, so you have to be tall to be beautiful. Some of the most beautiful actresses such as Reese Wither spoon and Natalie Port man are petite. When you wear clothes that make you increase your height lights also thinner. If you’re petite and you measure just a little over 5 feet (1.65 m.) You can look thinner achieve very simply.

A simple trick to look taller and slimmer is wearing clothes of the same color top and bottom. Elongates your figure because it gives you a vertical appearance uncut. It also helps to always choose neutral and dark colors that highlight your thinness, like navy, brown or black. This trick works with any monochromatic color, but more neutral.

jeans for short women

Necklines and hems
Open scallops, V or round will make your torso appear longer and consequently thinner. Forget the capris pants and fishermen. The shorts are a better choice for your legs look thinner, like skirts to the knees. Asymmetrical hems also make your legs look skinny and are fun and flirty. The waistband and thin belts are more suitable for smaller. We know it is not easy to resist, but no bands for you, okay?
Finally a good excuse for your shoe habits. Luce combining thinner shoes the same color as the rest of the monochromatic ensemble. Low shoes are comfortable, but do not help you look taller or thinner, so save them for when you walk home. High heels are good to enhance the height, but not overdo it. Some super high shoes will be silly and excessive in your size. Stay with blocks roughly 3 inches (7.62 cm.) High. Shoes or thick wad platforms also serve to make you look thinner making you look taller.

Might be tempted to hide your problem areas with large, loose clothing such as hoodies Do not even think about it! You’ll look thinner in clothes that conformed well to your figure and that are neither too tight nor too loose. Since the clothes off the rack, even those that are for petites not usually look good, spend the money on a tailor to fix your nicest clothes and so will fit perfect. If your set has printed, try to be small. Avoid flying too loose clothes. While you will be nice and plump lower verte. (And there are your plans become a pirate). The best are the lines and prints vertical . Large prints, polka dots and thick lines or horizontal and are not going with you.