Make a homemade method exfoliating body with vanilla aroma is very simple. You could follow this home cellulite tips.

To make a scrub with vanilla aroma need:

  • part white sugar
  • scoops of brown sugar
  • part olive oil, but it can also be almond
  • A few drops of vanilla extract


We have put measures in amount to make it easier to calculate in terms of what ye do. Then, just gather in a jar all the ingredients and stir gently so as not to crush the grains. It is also important that the oil is not too hot, so that the sugar does not fulfill its exfoliating and undo function. You can apply it once a week quietly with bare hands and quietly massage in circles. Needless to tighten If not then irritate the skin too.

Tell you this advice then is to make a home that we apply cellulite scrub twice a week. This scrub is very easy to do and at least to me working me to reduce cellulite. If not, we would not use it twice a week. Antioxidants coffee and caffeine help reduce cellulite exfoliating sugar and serve the rest of the ingredient help moisturize the skin deep. Remember only in legs buttocks and sometimes arms.

Application method:

  • Take a hot shower to open pores
  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl until smooth
  • Apply it only hands where you have cellulite
  • Massage the area well for five minutes
  • areas with transparent film for 10 minutes
  • Clarify, but without soap? Date your usual moisturizer.