Children look to young adolescents and adults examples of how to act and what to believe. Being older, it is your responsibility to be a good role model for them. This can sometimes seem hard to do, but with a little guidance, teaching how little right to live is not as difficult as it seems.



Practice what you preach . Younger children perceive your behavior . When you tell them not to do something you do, see it as something they can not deal with you, but they can do on the other hand, as you do. Smoking and drinking alcohol is a good example. When you lie to children, you are also teaching them to be liars.

Expresses things positively. Even if you are disappointed by something the child has done, yelling or talking negatively only teach you how to shout and say bad things to others. Be kind and positive.

Be reliable. Keep your promises and when you say you’ll do something, do it. This will teach the younger children to do the same as they grow and trust you.

Admit your faults and mistakes. Denying your bad habits and negative traits will not fool the children. Everyone is wrong sometimes. Use this as an opportunity to share your learning and experiences with them.

Be sympathetic. Show the children you care and want the best for them, you will earn your trust. If they trust you, the more likely they want to follow your good example.

How to make my baby appears in a catalog

See the face of your baby in a catalog can be exciting, rewarding and fun. You can save money for your college fund and the images will be precious memories for your family for years to come. There are many possibilities for babies in advertising and is not a job that is in many major cities. Getting started is relatively simple, but as for adults, the road can be confusing and there are some important things you should know.

Take great pictures and clear your baby smiling, laughing, crying, frowning and sleeping.Be sure to take close-up photos and footage showing her entire body. Print photos in good photographic paper and use them for evaluation by a modeling agent.

Create a list of agencies reputable modeling in your area who work with children. Check bogs and message boards for experienced parents of baby models that offer information and advice. Look through magazines for parents to see if the photos are credited to a specific agency. Once you have a prepared list, you can check their reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

Write a query letters to agents on your list including copies of two or three photos today of your baby. Put the date the photo was taken in the back and the name of your baby and your current age. Indicated in your letter you are looking for a representation for your baby to model in catalogs. Wait to contact you. If they do not, you can follow up with a phone call after a week or two.

Attends meetings of the agent with your baby and take your photos and a list of questions you may have for the agent. Meet with several agents and signs a contract that makes you feel more comfortable and safer. Make it clear you want your baby to be seen by a catalog work, also called commercial print job.

Creates a “comp card” for your baby. Ask your agent the name of a renowned photographer and have it take some pictures of your baby for composite card. Your agent will select some pictures with different poses to show casting directors and clients how your baby looks in different emotional states and different clothes. Make sure the contact information for your agent is printed on the card.

Attend all auditions with your photos. Be flexible, since often you can be called at any time and you never know how long will the hearing. You can find many babies for the same audition for just a few jobs. Behave professionally and always arrives on time.