The rockabilly lifestyle emerged in the early 50’s and has undergone a complete renaissance in recent years. The word “rockabilly” is a mixture of two genres: rock and roll and hillbilly (or country, as it is called today). Now more than just a muscical gender, subculture consists of lovers rock and roll with a lot of style. Members of the current resurgence of the rockabilly trend  pay tribute to stylized pin-up girls (as Bettie Page) Want to channel your inner rockabilly girl? Just some basic items in your wardrobe are needed to lead this revolution retro-glam.

rockabilly fashion

Cardigan Sweater
A classic and essential item in the wardrobe of every rockabilly cardigan sweater is. It is a versatile garment that can be used with a pair of pants that reach the calves or you wear it over your favorite dress swing.


Printed Blouses
The rockabilly style lies in the prints. Gingham, cherries and leopard prints are all evoking the rockabilly spirit. Choose blouses printed with classic styles like upper garments with high neck and other bulky necks and sleeves.
Pencil skirts
The 50s style silhouettes are easy to achieve by using a tight pencil skirt. Owning one of these items is a wise investment in your wardrobe, because they are versatile for use in a rock concert and can also be combined in different ways to use them in the office.

Swing dresses
Swing dresses are perfect for dancing the rockabilly tones that make your hips shake. Adjusted at the top and wider at the bottom, this style of dress looks good on most body types, plus it has a total seal of retro glamor.

Accessories and Makeup
Add flavor to your outfit to wear rockabilly accessories! Put some cat eye glasses, bandanas, floral hair pins or beads to help illustrate the style. Rockabilly guy that looks a shirt for bowling and hair greased back hair hanging from your shoulder hurts either! And do not forget to complete the overall style with classic styling and a ruby ​​red lips.