The crop top is a fashion trend and has been part of a great controversy. It all started when in the magazine or on Oprah Winfrey was advised that the garment could be used only with flat tummy. This generated much argument and many women accused the magazine of discriminating the different bodies.

Trend in social networks

Following the controversy over the crop top and use a spontaneous campaign in social networks with the hashtag generated crop trend for all. Through it real women from around the world and with different body types rose photos using crop top. Following the controversy the magazine said so publicly apologized but has served as a debate to question about what the media demand force in relation to the body fashion and beauty standards. No doubt the spontaneous campaign has been a great plan and many women have been encouraged to show their body and feel proud wearing the style crop top.

Rock the Crop Trend for all

Adidas shoes introduced a prototype totally made ​​of plastic and garbage ocean. The oceans are heavily polluted by plastic garbage of all kinds and that every day people throw water. The world-renowned sports brand aware of how damaging is the contamination to the environment devised sustainable slippers. This model of slippers is expected to be on sale in 2016. Its design is very simple, modern and environmentally friendly, so now all we want to have them. Its market launch is encompassing within a sustainability campaign that will be accompanied by more clothes made ​​from recycled.

It is the beginning of something super significant for the fashion industry. These shoes show that you can make any garment recycling and protecting the environment. Do you think the other brands imitate and begin to venture into the world of recycling? We should be aware of how damaging it is to the environment every little thing we throw in the sea and begin to look even more natural resources we have.