The modern world people use rings as a sign of affection and commitment to a relationship, be it a friendship, companionship or spouse. However, the significance of certain types of rings and where used differs between countries and cultures. For example, a ring worn on the right hand in the United States has a different meaning in India.




In the ancient world, the rings were a symbol of authority, which was used to show wealth and power. People with authority seal rings used to prove identity and authority, but also to mark edicts and letters sealed with wax and marked by the seal to authenticate the recipient. The Romans began the tradition of giving rings as a symbol of marital status and put them in the right hand.


In much of the Western world it is traditional to use a wedding ring on the left ring finger. However, in several countries around the world, wedding rings are worn on the right ring finger. Orthodox Christians, like those of Greece, continue the tradition of the Romans in this way. The Far Eastern countries such as India, have their own reasons for wearing a ring on his right hand, which began as a tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the finger of his right foot. The custom became worn on the right hand after its inclusion in the British Empire.

According to “USA Today”, started a craze in 2002 in the U.S. single rich women who buy large rings for themselves. Instead of waiting for a man to buy them diamond ring of your dreams, a single woman buying her own diamond ring or other precious stones. After carrying the ring on his right ring finger, as most people use their wedding ring as a symbol of wealth and independence.

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It’s not just in American culture that a ring on the right ring finger may signal bachelorhood. In Ireland, the ring Claddagh is a popular symbol of friendship and loyalty. If worn on the left ring finger, usually means a commitment to the romantic couple. However, when used in the right ring finger may symbolize the opening to take a romantic relationship or unmarried with no interest in romance, depending on the shape of the tips Heart Claddagh .


It is a very popular concept among jewelry aficionados that each finger on which is placed a ring has a different meaning. According to the Wellstone Jewelry, there are “important symbolism and meaning about the place where you put the ring on which finger, right hand or left and what is the meaning, symbolism and significance of any election.” For example, a wedding ring is worn on the left ring finger symbolizes and emphasizes creativity and free expression in marriage, whereas if worn on the right ring finger and values ​​symbolizes decency and self-analysis, says Wellstone .