In 1970, singer Freda Payne complained about his failing marriage in his song, “Band of Gold”, an ode to good reminder of what could have been. Now that your marriage is over, you may wonder what you should do with tangible evidence that they were married. Apply legal precedents, but the label of ethics queen Emily Post suggested should direct your decision to return the ring after divorce.

Return a wedding ring

Legal Obligation
Generally, courts look to the wedding ring as a separate rather than common property owned by the recipient and no matter the dissolution of property marriage . While an engagement ring depends on the marriage to meet the conditions of the gift, the courts consider that the consummation of your marriage fulfills this condition. Regardless of the cost of the ring, your relationship with the family who gave it or duration of marriage . Generally the courts favor the recipient save the ring as property.


Equitable distribution
Community property states count the rings as an individual property and as such qualifies for equitable decided by the courts. Even engagement rings and wedding are usually the property of the recipient. If the courts decide that the spouse who gave the ring has a greater potential for profit, then the other spouse tends to have a higher percentage of marital property anyway, which includes the value of single wedding ring.
Pieces of heritage
If your spouse gave you a valuable legacy ring, it’s entirely possible that you have possession of it legally after divorce. Although he may ask you back, you do it is the question of choice rather than by law. You can choose to pass this legacy to your own children to keep the family tradition regardless of the fracture in your marriage , but you also have to decide to extend an olive branch to your ex or his family to return the ring.

What you do with your ring symbolizes the end of your marriage , whether you keep it or give it back. You can decide to sell it, particularly if you have a debt caused by divorce. Instead of saving it as an object of nostalgia for a failed relationship, some have decided to give another purpose as a defiant gesture and use it on the middle finger instead of the ring. There are also those who prefer to protect your good karma to return the ring as a goodwill gesture after parting ways.