The acne can appear for different reasons and in different areas of the body, this condition does not cause discomfort but affect the aesthetics of the sufferer because it manifests as papules filled with pus on the skin and then when disappear these leave very remarkable scars. The acne scars can be dark brown spots or holes in the skin. Acne stains can be eliminated with cosmetic products and home remedies, however, the wells are very difficult to eliminate.

Remove Acne Scars

The skin exfoliates itself once a month about every 25 or 30 days, however as we age this process will take longer and will not be as efficient therefore the ideal is to contribute to the elimination of dead cells exfoliate our face once a week. In addition, the exfoliation will greatly reduce the appearance of skin defects including scars helping to go unnoticed.

Exfoliate facial skin once a week will help you eliminate acne scars. Place spoonfuls of sugar in the moisturizer you always use apply it gently in a circular motion and then rinse the area with cold water. If you want to have several alternatives at hand, do not miss our article how to make homemade exfoliate for the face with great options to implement.

How to Remove Red Pimples from Acne: Lemon Juice

Lemon juice will get lighten dark spots in a few days, you must apply it at night and never before sun exposure, since sunlight could act further tainting the dermis. Squeeze half a lemon, soak a cotton in the juice and apply it by gently pressing on the acne spots.

Regenerative and moisturizing properties of aloe vera are well known throughout the world and, thanks to these, aloe vera or aloe is ideal for treating both new and old scars. To use it you must cut a piece of this fleshy plant and remove the pulp inside, then apply it in the area to be treated as a gel and let it act for 20 minutes and finally remove it with warm water. Furthermore should use this ingredient in other ways in your beauty ritual, for it we invite you to see our article how to make a facemask of aloe vera to find different natural alternatives.

Olive oil is a natural and very effective option for this case helping to moisturize the skin and reduce the presence of scars. Soak cotton in oil and apply to the affected area. You can apply the oil with a certain force since to eliminate acne blemishes from the skin you have to do a little exfoliation effect. A good substitute for olive oil is to use a cream with the oil base to clean the stains.

The tomato has vitamin A, which helps repair and rejuvenate the skin. Shreds half tomato and apply it on the area with acne blemishes this mask let sit for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. For an exfoliating effect, also helps fighting spots the best is the mask of tomato, lemon and oatmeal. The honey moisturizes the skin and in addition to remove, stains will match the color.

Apply a layer of honey all over the face and after 15 minutes rinse with plenty of water. The best thing about this ingredient is that it is very versatile, so you can include in your beauty routine through masks, in our article how to make honey masks for the face you reveal the best options.

In case you have acne, blemishes consult your doctor or dermatologist. You can also consult this other article on how to remove acne blemishes or buy some anti acne product. Also, if you want to enjoy more tips as good as this do not forget to download our APP Beauty Tricks for your mobile.