Have you found the right girl? Are you madly in love and ready to pop the question? Only one problem: you do not have a ring. Propose marriage without a ring can be tricky, however, you may do so in style and have a good prognosis.


Follow these simple steps and stay calm

Choose an ideal environment for the proposal. Because you do not have a ring, everything else in the event should be as perfect as you do. Find a beautiful meadow and make a picnic on a sunny afternoon, or take it to the restaurant she loves or spend the night at a quaint bed and breakfast (bed and breakfast).

propose marriage

Kneel. This is essential when you propose marriage. Even if a woman says she does not really matter, she will love the gesture. It is especially important when you have a ring.
Women love remember special dates. Therefore, give her a poem yourself for her to remember this special day for years to come. This will make you feel good all think and understand the importance of the occasion. Without a ring, she might think this was just a spur of the moment.


Give other jewelry instead of a traditional engagement ring. A piece of jewelry that has been in your family for years would be a nice touch. It will be something she will cling to remember this special day.

Tell him you want to choose the ring. Women love this. The opportunity to choose a design that really loves showing consideration and interest on your part.

Hazle proposition with all the family if there are children present. Board to all children, get on your knees and make pleased the whole family . Tell them not only will you marry his mother, but also with them. Surely this will move the heart strings of women and give you extra points.