One of the best ways to show your love to someone else is married. Traditionally, in a relationship between a man and a woman is the man to ask your partner to marry him to kneel down and ask “Will you marry me?”. However, do not always have to be the men who ask marriage to a woman. There are several romantic ways a woman can break tradition and propose marriage to your partner.

Prepare a romantic dinner
As the old saying goes ” The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach “, show your partner that you love to cook and serve your favorite meal at a romantic dinner. Ask the question at the end of the meal. Traditionally, the man is not wearing engagement ring, so it is not necessary to ask marriage with a ring. Alternatively, give your partner a practical gift made ​​of the same material symbolizing the ring, like a watch or some cuff links.

propose marriage to men

sporting event
If your man is a sports lover, then ask marriage in front of thousands of spectators from a big game can be a fun and quirky way. Do you read your proposal through the megaphone system or ask the officers if you can get on the field at halftime. The PR team stadium could even give a false message through megaphone that has gone into the field to collect a prize before the microphone to deliver your proposal.

Organize a surprise party
Suggest that your partner go to a romantic dinner, just the two of you. Organize a surprise party with close friends and family members. When you get to the restaurant, your friends and family join you unexpectedly. Tell her how much you love him by making him known to others while before asking her to marry you.

Make it a public announcement
If you’re looking to generate the wow factor, place an ad in your local newspaper with a proposal of marriage . Measures your reaction as you note you’re asking her hand in marriage . You can even be colored ad in the local radio station or ask the person on the radio if you can appear in the air to ask your partner to marry you in a public but romantic way.