Since the 1990s Americans have begun to give and receive promise rings to express friendship, romantic engagement, religious devotion, or the decision to remain celibate until marriage. There is no particular style of promise rings.

Some promise rings are simple trinkets, while others have diamonds or other precious stones in gold or platinum. Some promise rings are religious symbols.

A promise ring can even be like a two-piece puzzle so that both parts have a piece that fits together to form a ring. The ring shows the unity and loyalty the couple promised each other.

Promised brides were given a promise ring to attest to the legally binding commitment. Rings subsequently used by the Catholic bishops may also appear on the roots of the new trend of giving promise rings.

Even today, when a person makes a personal dedication to a saint, often wearing a promise ring engraved with the image of the saint.

promise ring

Because a promise ring can mean several different commitments, it is important to clarify its meaning. Two friends may be separated can exchange promise rings to remind them to each other in his absence. It is a loving gesture attesting how significant is friendship.

Perhaps the most popular reason for the exchange of a promise ring is to demonstrate a long-term commitment to a romantic relationship. Many promise rings are marketed as “pre-engagement” rings.

Represent the intention of the couple to stay in an intimate and exclusive relationship which will likely result in a marriage.

A contemporary Christian popular trend involves promise rings for a very different purpose. Parents give their teenagers promise rings to remind them to remain chaste until marriage.

These rings are promoted by groups advocating celibacy, and are sometimes called “rings true love waits.”

Promises of celebrities
Teen Diaries Online mentions several pop celebrities wearing a promise ring. Include the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, and finalist on “American Idol,” Jordan Sparks. Your comments in defense of chastity promise rings caused some uproar in Commercial Video Music Awards 2008.

She later said she did not want to imply that people who do not use these rings are promiscuous.