Printed pants They are nothing new in the world of fashion, but it will become a must have for the next spring-summer 2013. You can find them of thousand shapes, designs and patterns, but I wanted to focus on the more comfortable, the pants printed type Pajama or type harem.

I love this type of pants because you can them combine in a thousand different ways and are always well. Sandals, shoes closed, high heels… and from shirts to sweaters for cooler days, a perfect versatile garment for spring-summer days.

printed pant

As always, Asos brings the greatest possible variety. I wanted to focus on type Pajama pants because they are the most comfortable and practical for the upcoming season. Floral prints, handkerchief, thousand colours… any option is good. My favorite, the first model pink print of Palm trees, breathes summer for all your seams.

Although I wanted to choose type Pajama pants, I could not resist to include a model more cowboy with small dots. In Zara we returned to spend equal, when it comes to a trend or a must have that can not miss in our closet, “low cost” offers us thousands of possibilities for all tastes and styles.

Topshop takes us proposals more Baroque, classic and feminine. Baggy pants designed to be as comfortable as possible with them and with Baroque patterns that give us many options when combining. The variety and mix of colors is the strong point of this type of pants.

Massimo Dutti and Suite Blanco
It seems rare, but the options I’ve found at Massimo Dutti and Suite Blanco are rather scarce. Well, in the second case is of the few that I liked, because SuiteBlanco more advocates than printed leggings by prints.

Bershka always so fun and youth brings more cheerful and colorful models. Stamped navajo is the King, so if still you didn’t a garment to create an ethnic look, here’s the perfect opportunity to introduce this trend in your looks.

Urban Outfitters
Like Bershka, Urban Outfitters is characterized by is a mark young, fun and rebellious, but it is true that this type of pants we find options for all tastes. Made me very funny pants with animal prints, but I recognize that until I’ve not seen it closely not I realized that they were animals.