This spring-summer 2013 rescued some trends that already were successful last year, but they are back with the same strength the next few months. We have already seen that the ethnic style is one of them, and in addition to this, pastel colors, the sweeter version of any color to achieve a more boyish look .

Pastel colors always get that sweet touch of which we speak, because are very smooth tones. They are easy to combine and you can always insert them into your outfit to compensate for very bright colors or put the note of color to a black total look.


spring and summer trends

As you might imagine, our favorite brands is not going to leave naked with this trends, and their new collections spring/summer 2013 start to include this type of colors, so that we advance to the season and start to wear them.

ASOs always becomes our salvation when we want to bet on a trend, although it is clear that it is not the only one that includes the pastel colors in their proposals. We begin to see how the color mint rises from the ashes and again becomes the most desired pastel colors.

Shades makeup also gain much ground within this trend, getting the looks sweet and simple.

In SuiteBlanco we found the perfect combination of two trends spring-summer 2013 that we love the pastel colors and the stamped navajo. I personally like the result fairly, and I think it is a safe bet for next season.

In Topshop , we find the largest variety of this trend. Very versatile garments and despite its soft tones, you can get looks risky and powerfully, from style more lady until the more sport .

As in SuiteBlanco, the combination with ethnic-style also is present in some of his proposals, with a more formal and symmetrical pattern.

Finally, in Zara we found the most simple and basic ideas those are perfect to make a good Fund closet that we can fend for longer and remove them again as soon as they return to take the pastel colors. Except for pants, the clothes are more formal and you’ll get a more careful image in your style.