The full figure women often feel frustration when seeking clothing that fits and flatters their bodies properly . However, there are many ways for heavier women create a positive impression in terms of style. Various tips and tricks can make curves and chic are a real couple. It owns your body to learn how to use your clothes and how to make your body look better even though you are size 6, 16 or 26.

clingy fabrics


Vertical lines chooses
One way to maximize the potential of your body as a full-complexioned woman, is to use vertical lines, which can cause a slimming effect. Vertical stripes deceive the eyes making you look from top to bottom instead of left to right. Opt for vertical lines instead of horizontal lines, which can be very unflattering and make you look bulky.


Avoid clingy fabrics
A fashion essential advice for women with more weight is to stay away from clingy fabrics. This is due to the fact that the fabrics are glued tight to the body and can accentuate certain parts of the body including the stomach and thighs, that are less attractive. Instead of opting for fabrics that stick, looking outfits waisted pants and structured and have a good cut. Cotton, polyester microfibers may be flattering fuller figures.
Say no to loose clothing
Quite size women tend to look baggy clothes because they believe that will see thin. They feel they can “hide” it under baggy clothes when in fact that is larger than necessary has the opposite effect. Loose clothing can make women look more weight than they actually have, because the extra material gives the illusion of extra weight.

Say yes to monochromatic colors
Another way to make the best of a full figure is dressed in monochrome colors. Doing this takes the emphasis away from the problematic parts of the body to give you a look of a long and flowing silhouette. Women may choose to use all black or any other color that suits the occasion.

Practice perfect posture
Practice good posture can also be useful in terms of fashion. It is important for women of all sizes to be aware of your posture when standing straight , avoid slouching and keep their heads held high. Adopt this habit can actually add about one inch (2.54 cm) in height and give the appearance of a long, slender physique.

Buy the right bra
Use a correct size bra can help women of all sizes to look better in your clothes and this is especially true for a large woman. Many women are embarrassed to use larger sizes as a result suffer bra and underwear that fits smaller and evil. The correct size bra can wiggle the upper body and give you a neater appearance and thin.