Make earrings pearls threaded lets you make cheap but nice gifts for friends or the ladies of the bride. Beaded accessories have a hefty price, but they are easy to make at home provided you have the right tools. You can buy pearls false at craft stores or jewelry items. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, which is beneficial if you are making an accessory for use with a specific outfit, like a bridesmaid dress company for a wedding.

pearl earring


Cut two pieces of nylon wire with the wire cutters. Each piece of wire bundle 5 inches (13 cm). Tie a knot as close to the end of each strand as possible.

Set aside two pearls for future use. Arrange the rest of the beads into two equal groups in front of you for string.

Thread the needle with a strand of nylon thread. Thread a group of beads on the thread. Tie a knot on the last bead so it will not come out. Repeat with the other group nylon thread and pearls .

Hold the two strips of pearls in your hand, pinching the ends of the strands of yarn together. Slide one of the pearls that separated them on both strands together. Tie a knot on the pearl to not unhook.

Adhere loose thread on the pearl to the surface of your desk so you do not loose the strands. Two strips screwed beads together. Support the ends of the strands together. Skewers pearl strands remaining two and tie a knot so it will not come out.

One of the pins inserted through the last pearl ensartaste ( pearl in the two strands of thread). Insert the pin from the bottom of the pearl , the side facing the rest of the pearls strung. Hold the pin in place with the thumb of your nondominant hand. Cut the tip of the pin to 1/3 inch (1 cm) with wire cutters.

The point of the pin bent at an angle of 90 degrees with alicatas round tip. Shape into ring. Twist the end of the pin around the base of the hoop with alicatas to secure. Cut the excess thread above the knot so it will only see the end pin hoop necklace beads .

Take off the other end of your pearls twisted. Repeat what you did with the pin. You must be a strip of 4 inches (11 cm) of pearls twisted with a small metal ring at each end without visible wires.

Open alicatas a ring with round tip.

Folding strip beads in half. Back to screw the two halves together so you have a strip coiled than 2 inches (5 cm). Both rings of the pins must be on the same side. Slide the open ring through both rings. Close the ring with round toe alicatas.

Open the other eye with alicatas. Slide it on the chain or necklace beads where hang the pendant. Hook earring pearls to open ring hanging from necklace.

Close the ring with alicatas