Spring is near and that means that soon the days begin to grow longer, the sun’s rays begin to push harder, the flowers begin to show its best … and we increasingly feel us better! Because “spring fever” and why we love thinking about fashion we wear in the warmer weather arrives.

The fashionable pastel colors seem to spring to one side is left to reach the most vivid, bright and fresh colors … but that’s nothing! Fashion never fails pastel shades because they are all women feel we scandal and for that reason alone should remain a priority the clothes and accessories in pastel colors in your wardrobe.

pastel colors

Want some ideas for keeping your fashion pastel colors for this spring but did not give up the characteristic most vivid and bold colors of this time? Take a look!


A pink or light blue scarf stick is ideal for spring because they are light, fresh colors and can also be combined with your normal look. In the spring starts to get warmer but during the morning or when it starts to get night temperatures to drop and the atmosphere cools, for this reason, handkerchiefs pastel be your salvation not catch cold. The scarves can be used to the neck or head … as you feel more comfortable!


The bags when it starts to get good weather like the hotter, smaller … but not in my case. I like bags, backpacks and large bandoliers, but as tastes are the colors, you may like you more manageable smaller or bags.

But no matter the size of the bag, because the pastel colors in these fashion accessories never are outdated, so you can choose the handbag that you like and color in a pastel shade that best matches the clothes you have in the closet for spring.


The watches in pink pastel … are in!¬†They are super feminine, delicate and you can combine perfectly with your outfits in pastel spring.


Some think that the shoes should be light or dark, but what if I like pastel colors for shoes? Well, you can also wear it! And if you know you will lay combine wonderfully well. Boots, sandals, shoes, ballerinas … whatever you want! You to you like pastel accessories for spring?