We went from the rebellion, rock and grunge we live thanks to the collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 of Saint Laurent in the week of the fashion of Paris, to the glamour, elegance, sweetness and sophistication who presented Chanel and Valentino.

In this type of walkways all designers are important and have their fans, but it is clear that some expected them as water may, and that is the case of Chanel and Valentino, which many were wishing they rise their new proposals to the walkway, as it has happened, fall in love for each one of them.

Paris fashion week


As it could not be otherwise, Chanel brought together a large number of celebrities and unconditional to Karl Lagerfeld in his front row. And as the occasion deserved, all wore their best looks. But we are not going to talk about them, but the impressive collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 , who yesterday took to the catwalk.

A very elegant and feminine collection, lines that already we have used la maison and innovative proposals to expand its range of ages. Scottish inspiration is always present, and although Black is the leitmotif of the collection (a foolproof Chanel classic), woven tweed returns to stomp, providing the necessary nuances of color.

Dresses above the knees, long coats, skirts with tables and volume, perfect combinations of the binomial to black and white, and so well-maintained colors such as blue. Add-ins are not left behind, and it is there to take care of all the details. What I say glass sphere-shaped bag? To my found me impressive. What I did not finish convincing, the combination of looks with those hats of hair color.


When we speak of Valentino we speak of pure elegance. His collection fall-winter 2013-2014 could not be less and breathes elegance, simplicity and good taste for all its seams. Flemish painting is that inspired this collection full of magic. Embroidered flowers and lace combine to perfection creating pieces worthy of princesses.

The classic red Valentino goes on this occasion to the background, the color palette is very wide. Noteworthy pieces in pastel tones, blues, green aquamarine and of course, white and black.

Dresses babydoll, coats and skirts with volume they are in charge of dressing women during the day. While the evening leads to transparencies and silks, to the more elegant and formal long dresses. Personally, this part of the collection is that I liked more. Which of the two collections you like most?