The holidays handbags (purse parties) are only meetings that combine food, fashion and business. They are fun events where people, usually within the same circle of acquaintances can buy handbags and wallets at great rates, while having the opportunity to socialize. This holiday season you can sell all kinds of handbags, including designer replicas and supply. You can start your own business party with just a few handbags and wallets a little planning.


Decide what kind of bags you want to sell. You can choose a business party that focuses on designer replica, authentic designer handbags, vintage handbags, fashionable styles and inexpensive or handmade.

business party bags

Select a place to hold your first party bags. You can use your home, a friend or even rent a hotel room for the night. If you place in the house of a friend, offer a discount in exchange for being your host.
Gather a list of guests who purchase the type of bags you plan to sell, pay special attention to this detail. Remember not invite friends who buy only authentic designer brands replicas if you plan to sell, and do not try to sell luxury brands to those friends who only buy deals.

Send electronic or printed to your guest list, with at least two weeks in advance invitations. This will give them time to adjust their party agendas. Be sure to indicate if you accept checks and credit cards in addition to cash, invitations and specifies that there will be refreshments.

Buy handbags and purses from local artists (you can find them on a site like Etsy or 1000 Markets) wholesale, by contacting companies handbags or through a distributor and Handbags at Wholesale , BHW Wholesale, Hundred Percent Wholesale, Bao’s Fashion , Mezon Moka Handbags or Handbags.

Select a light menu for the party. For example, you can serve wine with soda, tea, bottled water, individual cakes, fruit, crackers and cheese. Buy food for the feast day or two before and fix it the night before.

Purchase supplies for party bags, like napkins, plates and cutlery to a company like Oriental Trading, and labels for prices, packages and pens to detect counterfeit notes (to make sure the big bills are not false) in supplier as Nashville Wraps. You can buy plastic bags low cost to transport your goods at a retailer like Target or The Container Store.

Print business cards you can give to those attending your party at a site like VistaPrint . Even if you do not buy at the time, might want to do it later. Include your name, email address and phone number. Also, one of the attendees may be hosting a party later and need a way to contact.

Continues to have parties regularly, at least once every two or three weeks. Eventually you’ll want to establish a website with details of your party, as well as to offer your inventory for online purchases.