Love turns winter into summer, says an anonymous proverb, and summer is a popular and delicious time to celebrate a wedding. The warm climate, the environment and the sunny beauty of nature combine to create an atmosphere of total relaxation and romance. Whether on the beach, in a church or anywhere between these two options, the choice of what to wear formal attire involves balancing the cool comfort to which he invited the season.
saummer wedding

The bride and groom

The bride and groom can both look their best and still stay cool, which is especially important in outdoor weddings. For the groom, cotton and linen are breathable materials also bring elegance and personality. Casual summer dresses in white, blue or soft light brown are alternatives to the rigid traditional black tuxedo. For the bride, dresses and strapless tops are cool and very appropriate, while the light chiffon, tulle and organza can complement most silhouettes of wedding dresses. Especially in warm climates, knee length dresses are a contemporary and attractive option. Meanwhile, arrangements for natural hair flowers are also very appropriate for the veil that is used in classical alternative weddings.


The Bridal Court
Bridal court must also lean toward lightweight materials and fresh colors. Groomsmen and ushers can wear white if the wedding tuxedo is gala. For a more casual ceremony, a simple white suit without a tie is a dress that looks good effortlessly. The bridesmaid can choose and cut fabrics like seersucker (a fluted lightweight cotton fabric), silk or chiffon; well as knee length skirts and dress sandals, which are a cool, comfortable complement that goes well on different body types. Summer is a great time to bring color, so it may be good idea to choose the shades of the rainbow in one place for all your bridesmaids.
Guests (men)

The comfort of the guests should not be compromised because of the wishes of the couple marries. A relaxed dress code for men can include pants and a casual khaki jacket in neutral tones. The freshness of the outdoor weddings make the pants combined white-linen shirts are very comfortable-looking formal follow. For a gala party, swap your traditional tuxedo for a black cotton suit and a dark tie.

Guests (women)
Summer is a time to wear bright colors and fun prints but always tasteful. The skirts above the knee are generally appropriate for outdoor weddings, but you can also go in the opposite direction wearing a cotton dress to toe. For most occasions , the hems to allow the knee to balance your outfit of comfort and elegance. For ceremonies gala dresses long “tea type” help you to achieve a formal silhouette. Silk, chiffon and poplin are aerated materials that will give you a summery look stylish but without adding anything else, especially when combined with formal sandals. The strapless or sleeveless dresses are also appropriate, especially when you add a chiffon shawl offering some coverage when you require.