Not everyone likes to look stamped on your clothes, but it is true that there are some patterns that however much time you spend will always be fashionable. I always thought that prints and patterns always make a strong personality and enviable style: not everyone dares to take them!

In fashion there are many styles and patterns is not easy to choose among many options, even if you choose a wrong pattern or a pattern that does not fit you or your personality can run the risk of being outdated and even vulgar. But do not worry because there are some patterns that never go out of style and you love wearing your clothes rather not be missing in your wardrobe!

out of fashion

No. 1 Moles

Moles are great for any item of clothing, no matter they are big or small polka dots but what matters is that you bring personality and improve your style. The patterns of small dots are a way to slim figure and your way, so you can create a more attractive look worth trying! 

Also if you look thinner with small moles, the best way is to choose options lunar printed with a dark background and light colored polka dots, for example in white.

# 2 Flowers

Flower prints are really a great addition to many because they always look great in both summer and winter (although some prefer to use them only in summer or spring).

Floral motifs on clothes you will wear a very feminine, natural and flirty look, but you have to be picky and choose a floral print that is really nice, because if you choose a tacky floral print you definitely destrozarás your look and your personal style.

If you are a woman with a dark skin tone will come in pearl floral print that will be fine, although I must say that if you’re a better plump woman overdo small dots that floral prints tend to enlarge.

# 3 Animal print

And of course stamping NEVER go out of style and that all we love is and will always be the animal print. Whether zebra, cow, leopard or other will always be our favorite. But yes, that is synthetic animal print to collaborate with animal protection. What are trendy patterns that you like?