When it comes to organic makeup is supposed to be a kind of makeup 100% natural and does not contain synthetic additives. However, not all-organic makeup have this feature. Organic makeup can have on its content by 50, 70 or 100 percent organic ingredients. The advantage of this type of makeup is that it does not affect the skin it is suitable for all skin types and does not produce any adverse reaction such as allergies or premature aging.


The seal of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is the certifying whether the makeup is truly organic. However, this does not prove a product label as 100% organic. So that is the user who must identify the naturalness of the product by examining their characteristics and properties before buying. However, as required by law, the USDA cannot prove a product as organic if it is below 95%.

It is called organic makeup because its production is based on mineral and natural ingredients that have the great benefit of not affecting the environment and certainly not mistreat the skin. Unlike synthetic makeup, this type of makeup does not clog pores or tends to dry the skin. Of course the organic makeup is not makeup purely for the face, are also part of this range the shampoo fragrances cosmetics soaps and creams are prepared from minerals and most of its compounds are of natural origin.

The most important thing when buying organic makeup, besides the label USDA is to make sure that is hypoallergenic and within your content contains elements such as algae and marine extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, sunscreen, all 100% natural . They must also be products that have not been tested on animals since the organic makeup defense promotes ecology and the environment.

Many people struggle daily with the synthetic makeup because they suffer from allergies and irritation or anything do well, to the point of not being able to make up. Women today feel safer and more beautiful with her makeup. In addition to this, makeup protects the skin from the sun’s rays and pollution, because makeup a protective layer is created.

Organic makeup is the solution for people with sensitive skin. Although it is difficult to find one hundred percent organic and that is clearly more expensive than the synthetic procedure for the processing, many cosmetic houses have implemented as a line over its wide range of products. Another certification that endorses a product as truly organic is certified BDIH.

Get this seal is an all research and rigor as to obtain it should be noted that BDIH prohibits the use of synthetic fragrances, dyes, paraffin and silicone, among others. In addition to all products should have implemented the philosophy of environmental responsibility, fair treatment, manufacturing and other requirements such as packaging.