An engagement ring usually has a significant emotional value, so it can be difficult to separate from one if you’re not already using, either because of separation, divorce or death. Fortunately, there are several options to give rings vintage repurposed commitment and those who do not want to wear the ring, whatever the reason, can still find something to do with them.

Assess the personal value
Before making any decision about an antique engagement ring, the first step is simply to assess its value to you. Ask yourself if the ring worth having or if you simply must get rid of it completely. For many people, antique engagement rings are not worth keeping because of the personal and emotional connection that piece of jewelry. For those who do not want to keep, sale or donation to a charity can be a great option. For those who still get a bit of personal value to the ring, restore or remove the stone and put it into a new piece of jewelry can be an excellent choice.

old engagement rings

Evaluate the financial value
Depending on what you decide to do with the ring, you have to figure out what it will cost or reset. If you plan to sell the ring, call local jewelers and ask if they buy antique engagement rings. Ask if they will give you an estimate or not the purchase of the ring. Note that a few boyfriends will want to buy a ring used , so the jeweler will probably have to sell the ring for a reduced price or reset and reuse. The sale ring at a local site like Craigslist or an auction site like Ebay can also be an option. If you want to donate the ring to a charity, please contact them first to find out whether or not to accept expensive gifts like jewelry. (Some have rules about this). If you reset the ring, contact a jeweler to find out what the cost. If you already have a vision in mind to restore the stone , be sure to show it to the jeweler. If not, ask about the ideas and recommendations to give the ring a new use.

Reuse the ring
Selling an old engagement ring is largely a matter of getting the best price for it, so be sure to get estimates from local jewelers and also investigates sale on sites like Ebay. To donate the ring, do not forget to ask for a receipt so you have proof of donation purposes tax . Resetting a ring of standing commitment, take the time to decide on the new settings to make sure the ring retains its personal value, but still have a new style for either the original owner or the person you give it to him.