Oakley is a brand of sunglasses known to be of high quality, durable and expensive. Because of its popularity and high cost, fake glasses are now available in the market and can be easy or difficult to detect, depending on their production and attention to detail. Pay attention to the place and the person selling the glasses to detect an obvious hoax. The Oakley Sunglasses are sold in crowded corners, in cars or in tents portable tourist items in large cities, are probably false. Juliet line Oakley eyewear is manufactured from titanium and has high quality lenses.

Oakley Sunglasses





Investigate about solar glasses Oakley Juliet online on a website prestigious as the Oakley website. Check the color, style, font and shape of the glasses to make sure that the pair in question is not true.



Check the logo on the glasses. Juliet Oakley Goggles never wear the logo on the bridge of the nose, and other lines of sunglasses Oakley. If the logo is on the bridge of the nose, it is likely that the glasses are fake. The Juliet sunglasses usually come with a laser-etched logo in script font on the base of the lens or inside the frame.




Look at the place in which they are placed screws and rivets. Juliet in Oakley eyewear, rivets are placed at the base of the frame of eyeglasses. They also have screws holding the bridge of his nose glued to the frame of the glasses. The glasses have rivets or screws in other locations or that are attached with glue, are false.



Examine the color of the frame. The Oakley Juliet series ever painted, so the frames in bright colors like yellow, red or blue are probably false. The frames must be smoked or metallic gray.



Inspects quality metal frame which is made. If looks like it was made ​​of sheet metal, is false. If the frame is made ​​of plastic , is also false. The frame of actual spectacles Juliet is made ​​of titanium.