A current tradition, a first date at a nice restaurant, place the foundation for a possible future relationship. You did well picking a great place to dine and meet your date, and now you need to follow the process and bring the right clothes to impress her. You should dress in clothing that fits you well, is comfortable and has style.
dress for a first date

1.) Choose colors that match the season and your skin tone. The pastel and neutrals like gray, beige and brown tones are spring colors. The summer colors like red, blue and white, are striking and bold colors. Fall colors are shades of brown, olive, vermilion and tile. Winter colors are usually black and solid colors that contrast. If you have black hair, you can wear bold colors to accent your color. Ponte muted if you are blond or brown.

2.) Wear a suit jacket or coat. Men always look good with a tailored jacket. Need not be a suit, if the restaurant is not luxury. It can be a well-made leather jacket, cotton or corduroy that reflects your style. Do not wear jeans, even if they are trendy, as it is too casual for a first date.

3.) Choose a loose dress pants or khakis that fit you well. Do not get too large pants too tight or you show your underwear. Choose a color that matches well with your jacket.

4.) Choose a shirt of a solid color or striped sexy without symbols or emblems. Do not wear shirts with skulls, dragons, cars or sports team logos. You want to sell yourself, not the products of others.

5.) Combine shoes with light colored clothing and dark clothing with dark shoes. You can add color if shoes match the color and style of your outfit. Do not wear sneakers to a nice restaurant. Choose shoes or boots in leather or suede.

6.) Wear a leather belt reversible. Every man should have one in the closet. You just wear flashy belt buckles if your style and want highlight. Otherwise, choose a sleek metallic design tonelessly.

7.) Combine dark socks with black shoes and light socks with light shoes. You just have to wear white sneakers or white pants.

8.) Ponte jewelry if you feel comfortable with it. You can bring a heavy link bracelet, a pendant in the neck or a ring. If you have pierced body parts, you can also wear jewelry in these parts. Finishes with a touch of cologne and go pick it up.