Pull and Bear is one of those brands of clothes, though still in sales period is already providing its proposals for the season. Today we will review what new vertigos for spring 2017 dressed in styles and varied forms designed for all types of occasions. We review them all below.

Pull and Bear spring

The colors and prints

Spring dresses Pull and Bear beiges come in green, pink, gray, black, or garnets, and prints among which the flowers on black background.

Tulle dresses

One of the trends this year, tulle is one of the protagonists of this collection. We find several models in which it is used in various forms and we see it in the bottom of one of them in the top of another with a style of lancer or covering the sleeves and legs of another model. Will you fall prey to this fabric this spring?

The styles

We find models lingerie shorts lace also other midi skintight length and marking silhouette others gauzy, long sleeve or short sleeve also oversize or flyers other trends that seem to leave us in spring 2017.

Photo gallery

Now I leave you with the photo gallery where you will see these dresses Pull and Bear for next spring. They are ideal clothes to go to work or class, very wearable in the day to day and find other models that are perfect for the night or to leave. Even some of them if you want you can take them from right now because they look quite sheltered. With which of them are you going to stay?

Although there are still some days to enjoy discounts fashion brands and we will be showing what are the trends going into this spring of 2017. H & M has developed a style guide where we offer several proposals that, according to the brand, will look great during the next season. Do you want to know what they are? We summarize some of the most significant.

Total look

It means total look at those outfits made up clothing the same color. This spring we will see a lot and you can design your outfits monocular in many ways you can cheer with the color of the year to look very striking and full of energy for example or bet all the black always smart and successful.