Seldom has the thought of a new season brought on so much anticipation. Rarely does it feel so exhilarating to brush off the last few months than during the transition from winter to spring.  The winter of 2013-2014, though still as bitterly alive as ever, is finally drawing to a close and arguably everyone is ready to ditch their warm coats and throw on some comfy tees again. Naturally, the fashion world is consumed with staying abreast of major developments, launches and rumors that are circulating in the industry. Never-before-released items of just about any kind can get people excited, but there is something about fashion that gets everyone especially giddy with anticipation.

The excitement is understandable though, considering that many of us have been cooped up in our homes for the last three months and cannot wait to reemerge in newly devised threads that can often inspire a newly discovered outlook. Few other things in life hold such authority.  Keeping up to date with emerging tastes, trends, and shifts in the fashion community can prove to be a rather daunting undertaking, primarily due to the overabundance of designers and manufacturers throughout the world. And that does not include the geographic style shifts happening at different locations throughout the world. When all else fails, resorting to a more natural look that best fits your personality and fashion sense is always a tell-tale way to usher in new fashion trends and get a better sense of bearings before jumping into a new fashion consciousness.

Many fashion experts prefer models who display their clothing to have a more natural look, instead of the rail thing otherworldly models we so often attribute to fashion from yesteryear. This is indeed promising news for those who wish to maintain a more relaxed and familiar look. A lot of designers are also using sustainable materials and organic textiles to make their pieces. This, too, will only add further to a more natural, not overly pampered look.

CP Shades clothing is one such brand that seems to have merged chic with effortlessness – and the pieces themselves exude these very sentiments. They are meticulously crafted yet elegant in both wear and feel, and can accentuate just about any outfit with which it is meshed or crossed. Their collection might give you a spark of aesthetic that heightens your upcoming reemergence out of the cold.