Sell ​​your unwanted gold jewelery or scrap is a quick way to make some money. Most pawn shops and jewelry stores easily buy gold for jewelry, and usually give you a quote on the spot. However, the gold price is not fixed and fluctuates depending on the market. Therefore, the best for your interest is to inform about the value of gold in the current market and perform due diligence before selling your gold.

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Make a list of all your gold. Pick any piece that you no longer use or want to sell and separate them from the rest.

Check each piece karat gold. There’s a karat stamp showing the most pieces of jewelry. Contain the number followed by the letter K, and 14K (14 carats). You can find it on the inside of the band of the rings, brooches in necklaces and bracelets and earrings closures. The higher the karat, the purer the gold from your pieces.

Look in the business section of your newspaper to find out the current value of gold on the market. The gold rate per ounce and will be clearly displayed in the shopping page. Alternatively, you can visit many websites that are tracking trade items on a daily basis to get the current price of gold, (see resources). It is important to know this information to get an idea of ​​what your gold is worth before you sell.

Take your gold to several reputable jewelers for an appraisal. Jewelry stores generally offer the best price for old gold. Make it known to the jeweler that you are aware of the current market price of gold and you’d get a fair valuation. Visit as many jewelers as possible and asked to calculate the value of your gold. Note that valuations vary from one store to another. Make sure the box despite your pieces and record the carats before you to make sure you are not taking advantage.

Sell ​​your gold to a jeweler who has offered the highest valuation. You must accept the offer provided it is in accordance with the current market price.