Think of a costume for a party can be frustrating, but some of the best costumes are the movie characters. Some are very elaborate and time-consuming preparation. No matter how ambitious or low profile is your costume, there is a movie character you can easily emulate for the party .
Ideas to dress

Jack Sparrow
The rogue swashbuckler Jack Sparrow, the popular movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a disguise with guaranteed success. Make sure you apply yourself much eyeliner black . A headband will keep your black wig in place. Do some braided hair and Support them with tacky jewelry. Dressed in a white shirt and an old bulky vest black . Use a sword on his hip and will achieve an instantly recognizable one of the most admired figures in pop culture costume.


Scott Pilgrim
For the more timid or on a limited budget, a simple black T-shirt with the word “Zero” written in silver capital letters, accompanied by jeans can achieve the look of Scott Pilgrim quite rightly. Be sure to use black and silver bands at the wrists and used a blow dryer to give volume to the hair. If you dress up with your partner, Ramona Flowers, Scott’s girlfriend, you can very well complement this costume, assuming that your girl is willing to use a bright blue wig, red lipstick, fluorescent leggings and black knee boots.
Marilyn Monroe
An all time favorite is dressing up as Marilyn Monroe. The costume itself can be taken from any of his papers, one of which is a colorful evening dress, elbow-length gloves and matching many jewels. Besides his platinum blonde color, hairstyle Marilyn was one of his personal bests, and used in various styles shoulder throughout his career, from short to long and wavy rained. Each takes a long time, and many curlers, to be perfect.

A quick and easy costume that is simply recognizable is the school uniform Hermione popular movies “Harry Potter.” A simple white dress shirt with a red tie and orange stripes serve as the basis for this costume. Put on a gray and a black coat, almost like a graduation dress and cardigan’re almost done. A pair of accessory like a hardcover book as a book of magic, and magic wand complete this costume.