The design on a fashion show is not set only in fashion, but in putting together the show itself. It takes months to organize, months and as you get so many people to help you. Whether you plan to make a parade of the latest fashions out of charity or to show off your own designs, know that you and your team have a lot of work ahead.

models and clothes


How to Mount a fashion show

Produce a plan for the fashion show. Details the date and subject, and the types of clothing that will show, whether designs for children, men, women or a mix of all. Hire assistants. Organize to persons or committees to help you in areas such as advertising, ticket sales, try clothes, makeup and styling the day of the parade, and perhaps most importantly, find models and gather the clothes, if you are associated with a designer in particular.

Find a place to perform the event which is in accordance with your budget and the formality of the fashion show. If you have a large budget and expect a good result considering the lounge of a hotel. Or, keep it simple and looking for churches, schools, community centers and theaters. Consider any site that has a scenario or even place to place a red carpet for the models, as well as access to chairs that you can place for attendees.

Collect the clothes the models used. Visit local merchants who could lend clothes in exchange for advertising free shops. Be sure to return them without spots and with tags attached. Go to a local college offering fashion design courses and whether their students would want to participate. At the same time, ask them if they would like to model the clothes.

Begin to advertise and sell tickets at least a month in advance, preferably two. Set a price that will cover your expenses and leave a profit. Distribute press releases to local radio stations and newspapers. Ask someone with artistic talents to design flyers, then place them on community bulletin boards. Includes Where can people buy tickets and provides a telephone number, an e- mail address and website .

Test models a week before the parade to make sure the clothes fit properly. Take pictures of the models and clothes to organize who goes when. Make sure you know where each model appear in the parade. That same day, do a test to see how long the parade and to give each model an idea of ​​how it is to walk down the catwalk. As you will have probably not professional models, you have to help them when they walk and pose.


Tell the models to arrive at the scene of the parade for at least two hours before, or more if you have several models. Volunteers or stylists should be ready to help with hair, makeup and wardrobe problems last minute.