Becoming a model hairstyles magazine may seem at first glance it would be easier to be a model runway fashions , but the race is very similar. Any model must assemble a portfolio and try to work up climbing in an area of modeling. However, for models haircut, there are some small differences.

 model hairstyles


Put together a portfolio. Have a professional photographer will take some photos with your hair combed differently. Select the photographs that you feel better and focus on hair. Most of your pictures will probably be in your head and shoulders in a variety of different angles.

Get an agent. This is not strictly a part of the process and can become a successful model without an agent, but having to represent your interests can become a model haircut easier.

Search job openings. Often, salons or magazines advertise their models need to get hair in sections and online ads ( is a place to look). Usually, there will be an “open call” for models and will be a great interview of work. Take your portfolio and be as professional as possible when applying for available positions.

Tips and Warnings

  • The more work you have in related fields, better you will look like candidate.While it may be your ultimate goal be in magazines, do not reject the work in advertising or as a model of a hairdresser. This will strengthen your resume.


How to cut hair pixie female type

The cut “pixie” became popular by the model and fashion icon Twiggy in the 1960s The hairstyle is sharp and short. This hairstyle has been remodeled and modernized on the runways for decades. Often you can see this style used by young actresses in Hollywood and women on the cover of magazines. The cut “pixie” can be structured and shaped to complement almost any face shape. However, women should be willing to cut his hair short for this. Women with a cut “pixie” can handle it so it fits your current mood, either with an elegant or disheveled appearance.


Wash hair. Let wet and comb to remove all tangles.

Cut hair to the nape. Remove one section at a time of excessive length if you work with long hair.

Combing two inches ( 5cm ) of hair. Hold the comb in place, as it is your guide during the short cut “pixie”.

Quick snips, and make short films along the length of the comb. Continue combing and cutting two inches ( 5cm ) around the entire head. This will create the basis for type pixie hairstyle.

Part hair in the center. Pick an inch (2, 5 cm ) of hair with the comb. Hold the scissors vertically and trim the ends of the section of hair to create peaks. Start on the right side of the head and continues to the left side at the rear.

Select a section of an inch (2, 5 cm ) hair. Razor cut with the ends of each section. A razor gives hair a separate aspect, reconstructed. Start on the right side of the head.

Dry your hair with a hairdryer. Use your fingers to a rough appearance or use a comb to smooth and elegant style.