If all your life you’ve been told you have a perfect face for photos or are interested in starting a new career, becoming a model face can be easy if you follow the correct procedures. Face models enjoy working for many different clients such as magazines, industrial , brochures and online companies. Like any talent in the entertainment industry, being a model requires a small investment in photographs and in patience, because for a job can take time.

model face


Find a Photographer models in your city to build your portfolio. The photographers vary in cost depending on experience. While you can not have hundreds of dollars to spend on a photo shoot, you want to carefully choose a photographer, because the images taken in this process will help you determine your success to find a modeling agency.

Schedule a photo shoot with my choice. Before the interview Tell your goal is to model face, hence the photos should highlight your face and versatility. Ask him if he has a makeup artist for the session; however, be aware that if you use one makeup will spend more money.

Reach the session at least 15 minutes early to talk photographer and outline the photos you want. Do not be afraid to ask questions and suggest angles during the session.

Check the images on your session before ordering prints for your portfolio. Make several friends and family see the pictures before making a decision. Buy a portfolio for model, which is a book bound with transparent folios inside. You can buy it online and also in wholesale business of art.

Instructs at least five different photos for your portfolio to a photo printing company that specializes in actors and models, as Reproductions West or East. These images must be printed on glossy paper 8 x 10 inch (20 by 25 cm). Along with these pictures, ask composite cards, which are generally bright cards 4 x 6 inch (10 by 15 cm) and show three to five of your best pictures and your contact information.

Contact modeling agencies in your city to find out about presentations available. If you live in a metropolitan area, several agencies have to choose; however, if you live in a smaller city, have fewer options.

Send your cards according to the rules of the presentation given by the agency or attending an open call, when an agency allows future models auditioning for a representative. Take your portfolio and 10 cards. Ready for you to take pictures in this hearing. Expect a response within six months; however, you will be informed within two months if you have been chosen or not.

Sign the contract agency if you are accepted there. Agencies use either an exclusivity agreement or a non-exclusive basis to represent talent. If you have exclusivity, you can not work for another agency; however, if the agency offers a non-exclusive contract, you are free to sign with other agencies. A law enforcement agency will charge a commission of 20 percent of your earnings; more than that is a scam.

Give your agency a total of 100 cards after signing the contract and wait until you send auditions for models face.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not contact an agency if you live more than 100 miles (160 km) away.
  • Always dress well to go to an agency.
  • You can work independently as a model, but if you want to work for topclients , you must have a representative.
  • If you do not take the time to choose a good photographer, you can end up with mediocre photos.
  • Never pay a fee to an agency for represent.Agents only make money if you get work.