Today ends the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, a fashion week in which we have been enjoying large parades and fantastic collections that we have fallen in love in equal parts. It is clear that our designers have passed with his proposals for autumn/winter 2013-2014.

But before saying goodbye fashion in Madrid, we want to highlight three of the parades who yesterday jumped on the runway of the capital, in a fourth full day: Moises Nieto, Sita Murt and TCN, we just loved!

mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Moises Nieto
Moises Nieto is another of designers who have jumped from the EGO to the great gateway to getting a great success with its collection autumn/winter 2013-2014. A collection inspired by do endure things in time and something everyday that passes unnoticed in everyday life such as a floor, making a print character.

The technical “patchwork” is present in every one of their creations, and combinations of fabrics will again be protagonists once again. Sleeves, pipe or flight, flying skirts, shirts… a variety of pieces including the predominantly brown tones, mustard and black.

Sita Murt is responsible for dyeing the next autumn/winter 2013-2014 of purple, grey and Browncolors very appropriate for this time of the year, which saw a very urban woman. I love how it gives a special twist to the classic point including metallic finishes, a touch that we begin to see much next season.

The contrasts between colors and textures make each garment special, full of design and tasteful one-piece. Seeing their proposals based on dresses and trousers with shirt, sweaters or jackets sets, it is clear that Sita Murt think of comfort for every day.

Along this Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, each day has featured or triumphed a designer, as well as the most anticipated of the day or because its parade has managed to fall in love with everyone. Well, since yesterday this privilege was the collection autumn/winter 2013-2014 of TCN. I think it was more urban and modern collection that climbed yesterday on the catwalk, and hence part of the success and well received.

The creations proposed by its designer cover a wide range of styles, getting looks for the more rock and also a style much more sweet and naive. Monkeys, dresses, sport pants, plush, silk, angora… create the great diversity of styles in this collection. An explosion of color within a collection of beautiful and very neat.

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