When your dress is very important to mix shades to achieve harmony in your look. Wallet and belt Shoes is the basics, but if you look more special, you must learn to combine colors to fashion dresses in a more fun and less flat. So let’s talk a bit about the colors and seasons or places that are ideal. Which color? For what occasion? What combines?

The black:

It is a spectacular color, because it has the great quality of diet and it is the color of elegance there that most women and men in black suits are the most elegant parties.

Combines easily with most colors, but do not try to use other very dark tones like coffee or midnight blue. Neither daily use and much less in all your garments, this color also represents mourning. It is the color of night and winter, it looks great on coats, jackets and scarves.


The White:

It is the basic color in our closet, sure you have more of a blouse in this tone. Goes well with almost any color, but should not wear with ivory that is ideal to wear in the summer or in warm climates, and you can take not only in shirts, is perfect on short dresses and maxi dresses, trousers and even fashion footwear.

For cold climates ideally near the face wear shirts, tops and sportswear. The color white represents the purity that is worn on the wedding dresses and is the favorite of all!

The Grey:

It is a neutral color that blends well with vibrant colors range from red like red wine and magenta, also looks great with greens and blues. And it is an excellent ally of white and black. A bright accessories or others kill the silver gives much elegance of dress and can be worn with all warm colors. The gray color is elegant and very discreet.


It is a color rarely used by women because it is associated more with camouflage clothing, however in prom dresses are very fashionable in their most burning colors like emerald green, acid green, aqua or green. If you use a commonly used green or olive green military green color tones combine it with earth or sand.

Coffee or brown:

This color belongs to the earthy colors and the best way to use it is combined with other shades of the same color range as sand (beige, champagne, ivory) and colors such as bronze, gold and ocher.

It is a color that can not miss in your wardrobe, and is the preferred color of the leather is very thin and elegant purses, boots and jackets. Also use it with blue throughout its range from blue sky to the sea water.


The color of almost all jeans, is a color that goes well with gray, red and cream tones. If it is too dark like the black shapes your figure and slim, and if it is very clear as the blue sky is ideal for use close to the face as it brings light to your outfit.

It is a color casual if you wear your jeans valid in all seasons, combined with high boots for a night out for a picnic.