The girls are very particular about what they wear. Your daughter should do, no doubt, an effort to find those worn those jeans and shirts loose. You know how difficult and expensive it can be buying clothes for a teenager, and also know how hard it is to get exactly the clothes that suit your tastes. However, you can teach any teenager to do your own laundry. This will give you a lot of freedom, because it leaves the decisions fall directly on it.


Teaches teen to read and use a model printed . Not hard at all, but a new designer can learn to find some of the symbols and addresses is like learning a second language. Put the information in the back of the envelope pattern. Help her understand how much fabric you will need for the project, and make sure you understand the direction to buy additional materials such as lace, buttons and elastic.

teenager to make your own clothes

Teach you how to choose the right fabric. Help her understand the weight of the fabric. The wide corduroy is great for skirts shirts and winter, but it’s not a great idea for summer clothes. Explain about the comfort of the different fabrics. Polyester does not breathe well, and pants in wool may be itchy. Explain all the tricks and ideas that you know about the selection of comfortable and durable fabric.
Teach him how to use the tools that you will require to make your own clothes. Among them you will need to learn to use sewing machine, an indicator sewing , tracing paper and pins. Suppose she did not know anything about this process. Be prepared to share the most basic information: reduce the fabric before sewing it, clamping and cutting the fabric on a flat surface perpendicular to insert pins in the seam line to avoid breaking the needle. It is important stitching seams to prevent fraying.

You must be willing to answer all questions. Offer him a hand to the designer / tailor while working on your first project. Help him solve the problems and difficulties that may arise. Would not you like to be discouraged. Maintain a positive and complimentary attitude towards their efforts and take her in the right direction when the project is lost.

Help her choose a more complicated after you have successfully completed your first garment pattern.