The trends of 2013 do not focus exclusively on the world of fashion, cosmetics and beauty also have their own guidelines to follow this year and we should take note of what to do with our hair to complete our looks perfectly with the latest trends hairstyles .

Gateways are the now setting the pace in all aspects surrounding fashion, and doing a small review of the past, we know what kind of hairstyles will be in fashion for 2013. Notes!

Looks and Styles

Loose hair

The loose hair is always the most convenient option especially if you’re in a hurry. This spring leaves your hair in the wind ripples mark giving it a very natural and tousled effect very rebellious and fun . Carda your hair for greater volume and the effect is even more marked disheveled. You can also use this trend for small collected.

When spring approaches, the warmth and good weather, appear wet look hairstyles . A natural image, simple and fresh, like you’re fresh out of the shower. Get this look by applying pomade on your fingers and spreading it on the front of your hair so that it stuck to the scalp and with that wet look.

Hair collected
The collected become much more subtle for this 2013. The first proposals forward us some designers are perfect for the upcoming season. A small simple collected hair strands will be enough to complete a look sweet in the style babydoll .

The pigtails are in pure comfort when it comes to hairstyles. Gather hair in a ponytail you avoid problems and be aware of your hair every so often. The options here are endless: pigtails high, low, braided, half bun, tousled, side … Choose the one you like and according to your style.

Finally, comes the turn of the collected . I could not pass without the collected 2013 became a trend, but this time are much more informal than last year. Leaving braids and side Greek style our hair to give a more informal. The tousled effect again becomes the king and overtook earlier.