You must wear protective clothing in order to protect yourself against chemicals, paint, hazardous chemicals, and even fire in many different industries. The problem is that in the past the clothing options were clumsy and not comfortable at all and certainly did not do anything as a fashion statement. Today, things have changed. You can purchase protective clothing that may not put in your spotlight like a movie star, but will also not make you look an alien from another planet either. You can find a variety of different styles that will at least help you feel better about what you are wearing as well as provide you with the protection you need with smocks, shoe covers, sleeves, aprons, lab coats, and coveralls. Flame resistant clothing does not have to unsightly to protect you.

The brands that are creating these great protective clothing styles include New Tyvek, TyChem, Maxshield, SunShield 100, Suntech Cool Suits, SunGard, and Koolguard.


You will find that most individuals that work in any industries such as spray painting, lead abatement, maintenance, asbestos abatement, dry chemical applications, mold remediation, spray herbicides or pesticides, construction, are around radioactive dust, automotive, agriculture, work with fiberglass, clean up the environment, process food, abrasive blasting, forensics, mining, and even woodworking could use some of these protection clothing options.

The idea behind the protective clothing to protect the user against a variety of contaminates including bloodborne pathogens, aerosols, and paint created to ensure the clothing item is tough enough to protect you as well as being comfortable enough so you can perform your duties. Too many times, this type of clothing in the past was very bulky and made it very difficult to walk or move around which allowed more accidents to occur. With the new innovative designs and materials used in the creation of the protective clothing, you can be comfortable and still perform your tasks as if you were wearing your regular clothing.

The best news of all for companies is the costs of the protective clothing is so affordable that the items can be thrown away as needed and replaced with new items. The new designs, innovative materials, and styles are helping companies protect their employees while they work without all the expenses seen with other types of protective clothing. The most popular on the market today is Tyvek by Dupont as it offers a fabric that is breathable so instead of just protecting your employees you are providing a more comfortable suit that will allow them to work efficiently. There is no need for you to spend extra money on bulky and often ugly clothing to protect yourself or your employees when you purchase affordable, comfortable, and even stylish protective clothing at a fraction of the cost. Remember, happy employees are productive workers.