Forget the little black dress. The “little red dress” is the most unexpected and fascinating to use at a formal dinner dress, evening parties or any other event you can imagine. Keep the small new red dress is as easy as sharing your stockings. Every change in this classic dress features a completely different style.

Black and Skin
A red dress with black heels is a classic, so, keep in mind that combination underestimated for events, but elegant at the same time-for example, your Christmas party political family, dinner with your boss. A bare leg, both with tights or bare, your look will not look too bold. Note that a longer dress looks better with classic shoe salon. A short dress Color black red fire plugs needle is rapidly approaching inappropriate style.

little red dress

Color block
Although the red dress is a classic, incorporating color block look-a popular trend on the runways now-you can also give a modern twist. To include blocks with red, try white opaque tights and pink heels, pink tights with yellow or tacos. Use anything you have to shine , to create a perfect contrast for your next event look super stylish.

Color skin on skin
The tacos colored skin are the eternal favorite to make the legs look super long. The love or hate, tacos colored skin combined with half of the same color, make your little red dress look appropriate for almost every event. Use this look on a date night, go for drinks with friends, or even to go to the office with a more formal look, combined with a blazer or woven sack conservative.

Black and animal print
The tacos or flat with leopard or cheetah are the perfect complement to a sexy red dress. Shims or half-opaque or transparent-you add some modesty to what can be seen as a questionable look. Use this combination out of town, or with a blazer or black fabric bag for a look of modern office and trendy.