A black dress is the most important element in the wardrobe of a modern woman. Introduced in 1920 by Coco Chanel, this garment is still chic, elegant and classical. To personalize it requires imagination and fashion tricks that give the silhouette style of each woman. Use these seven elements for personalizing your black dress to perfection.

little black dress



Adorn your dress with a brooch. Jewelry, whether replica or real, gives a special touch of sparkle to a simple black dress. An antique brooch jewelry or put on your belt or placed on top adds a touch of magic to your little black dress.

Put a scarf around your neck for a touch of color. Add a touch of Paris with a scarf natural or artificial silk or cotton. A brightly colored scarf tied around his waist attracts the eye to the smallest part of a woman’s body.
Use garments extravagant to balance the simplicity of this piece. Take your fire red trench coat or winter coat with faux fur collar and wears these pieces on your black dress to create a dramatic look.

Put your fashionable dress with pearls. Nothing conveys both glamor and a luxurious pearl necklace. Eternal symbol of elegance, brightness ivory pearls creates a striking contrast with the black color of your suit.

Saves on the cost of the dress, but wasted buying the best shoes and handbags your money can buy. Your black dress is the perfect canvas for bags and shoes of bright colors. Its simple silhouette will give you the perfect opportunity to experiment with all the colors of the rainbow, without fear of giving a false step in your appearance.

Add accessories from designers for special occasions. When dressing for a special event or dinner last minute, make use of your accessories gold and silver. Metallic strappy sandals, bangles and bracelets inlaid diamond sequins are small details that can transform your dress for one day for the night in an instant.

Use dramatic makeup to add extra color to this classic piece of clothing. Do not ignore your lips, eyes, hands and feet when your dress is black. Use make-up bold. A ruby red lipstick. Use bold colors of the seasons of the year for nails and toes. Correctly applied makeup is the latest fashion accessory for the woman who wears a black dress.