Healthy and tanned skin is a great canvas to experiment with different lip colors and consistencies. Once you find the right shades for your skin tone, lipstick can be a fun way to play up with a face, depending on the occasion or your mood. One tip to keep in mind: tanned skin is warm, natural tones with splashes of yellow and olive green. Translation: what lipsticks that have a green background, yellow or orange colors are ideal for your skin color. After a bit of trial and error, without a doubt, you’ll find a shade that is in harmony with your skin tone and your mouth puckered.

The coral is a fun tone and complements the tan. A creamy or thin tone is perfect for the day, while a matte coral has the ability to transition resistance at night. Just make sure to polish the lips with a scrub sponge or wash with a cloth to remove any dried scale, which will help you achieve a uniform application.

different lip colors


The pigments bold and dark pink like fuchsia or magenta, highlighted in bronzed bodies, evoking a fierce femininity. Just remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral palette for your pretty pink mouth and a central place.
For a peach mouth not look like you’ve kissed a Oompa Loompa, delineates the contours of your lips with a lipstick colored flesh. This will ensure that your lip color does not spread or corrode. Feeling a little naughty? Use an orange hue citrus. The key to keep in order and long-term is first applying a base. Spend moisturizing concealer a shade or two lighter than your natural lip color to ensure an appearance that is more attractive and less Oompa-Loompa.

If you have the guts, purple or red tones complement an lovely sheen for a sleek and sophisticated style. Because the pigment is so dark, the errors are more common and more difficult to solve so that preparation is the key. To avoid any mishap, line the lips with a pencil the same shade as your lipstick. Then loose inside the lines and colors. When finished, there will be no doubt that you’ll look like a girl confident and elegant.

Earthy tones add texture and dimension to subtle lips without being the focal point of your style. Conditioning those beautiful lips with a moisturizing balm before application to ensure a smooth and seamless.

Skin Color
If you like to play it safe in terms of makeup, try a colored skin tone with a touch of sparkle. A popular trend on the catwalk, the neutral color allows you to experiment with color in other areas. The subtle sheen adds depth and ensures that you do not call attention kissed a wallflower, while the most important features shine. An added bonus: this is a safe color to kiss.