Not all women are born with full voluptuous lips, and do not want to pay big money to get them. Anyway there is hope for women with thinner lips who just want to make them look somewhat thicker without too much cost or pain. With the colors of lipstick and proper technique, your lips will look sexy and thick thin quickly.


 look sexy





Choose a lip liner and lipstick color matching. The bright reds will make thin lips look more striking.



Clean and exfoliate your lips with a dry soft brush or damp cloth and lukewarm. This will remove dead skin and dry lips before applying lipstick.




Apply foundation on your lips and in your face. Let dry for a few seconds. You can even follow up with a little face powder as desired. This provides a basis for placing the lip liner and lipstick.



Shut your mouth. Starting in the form of “v” of your upper lip just outside natural lip line, take a sharp lip liner pencil and flick follows the line to almost the corner of your mouth. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the upper lip. When you finish the upper lip begins in the middle of the lower lip, right in your natural line, and move toward the corners in the same way you did for the upper lip.



Fill the rest of the lips with the lip liner. This step is not mandatory, but it will make your lipstick last longer.



Use a lip brush to apply lipstick, starting from the center of the lips out and going out. The lip brush allows your lip one time more evenly , giving you more control. You can also add a matte to your upper lip to make your lips look even thicker



Close your lips and dry with a tissue. Apply more lipstick with lip brush if you want to increase time duration .