The gateways allow models show original designs created by fashion designers . The lighting design is important because the buyer needs to see clearly the designs. Gateways need not be very bright, you can use lights to add character and style to the fashion show. Investigate the setting of different runway shows and gun your lights for each location.

light a parade


Determine your budget. You will have different resources with which to work. Analyze what lights, wigs, personnel and insurance costs can be covered.

Analyze your place. Investigate where the parade will take place. If your show is outdoors, you need a minimum lighting design, but still need to highlight the main model. If you are working with a gateway traditional investigates the length, width and design of it. Find out if the gateway is vertical, horizontal or include curves. This will help you identify where you need to place the lights.

Research the type of atmosphere and enlighten parade. If your show has industrial designers and provocative, accurate lighting, dark and shadows will be important. If the parade is fun clothes, feminine and flirty, bright colors and flashing lights will be important.

Sketch the layout of your design catwalk. Draw all the exact measurements of the runways and highlights where the audience sit. Label each light with a different number. Draw four central lights in the center of the runway and two colored lights on top to highlight the pose of the end of the walkway.

Sketches different lighting designs, for each design, experiment with different types of lighting. Add lights on each side of the walkway, varying in color with the three main white lights that highlight the end of the walkway to draw attention to the model.

Once you’ve designed some ideas, choose your favorite and build your lighting equipment to put into action your plan.