The knit dresses offer an alternative warm winter clothes that can dress for a night on the town or simplified for a day curled up on the couch. Although these items can be used with different styles of shoes, boots are a natural choice, providing warmth you need in the cold weather. Experiment with silhouettes, accessories and color to add texture and interest to your outfits with a dress fabric.

 knit dress


Elegant and informal
Simplify your dress fabric to use for the weekend or casual Fridays at the office. Combines a basic rider style boots and classic denim jacket. Low, thick heels will keep you comfortable whether you’re standing. Combine your boots and tights for a more elongated and thin, or not use them in a warmer climate.

Elegant and professional
Tissue wears a dress to the office or a meeting with boots and accessories. Opt for a short botineta, or dress boot with classic heels with your dress. Keep your pantyhose or stockings simple and neutral. Use your dress with your favorite jacket or a leather belt that matches your boots. Limit your accessories, if your dress is flashy or has bright colors, or add color to a neutral dress with sparkling jewels.
Very warm
Use many layers with your dress for the colder days. Use socks or tights and knee socks these or leggings. Patterned socks can add a touch of color, or you can choose bright and colorful tights. Add winter boots laced or sheltered to keep feet warm. Cover up with a cardigan thick and warm.

Evening Attire
Dresses tissues, especially in merino wool or cashmere and black or another dark color, are great selections to go to a party or a fine restaurant. Replaces opaque tights with sheer hosiery, and prevents high boots for a botineta with high heels. Add bright accessories and a coat or cardigan soft surround to finish your style.