Categorize the sizes of women’s clothing is essential for a better buy. It also allows the styles most suitable design to fit women seeking the right clothes to wear. Each category offers different sizes with numbers typically for an individual clothing design fits more specific preferences of size, age and design of a buyer. The main categories depend mainly on age groups of women and body structure.

junior and women



The category is characterized by Juniors clothing is slightly smaller, thinner and shorter than the other categories. The cut of the clothes in the Juniors section is usually for girls. This means that apart from cutting, styles and designs of clothes are also more oriented towards the subordinate body still developing (with great consideration for the trendiest teen market). The selections generally have narrower Sizes for shirts and pants. The cuts are straight and less curved, with smaller busts and hips.

Plus juniors (more juniors)

The Juniors Plus category (more juniors) provides clothing thinner slices across the bust and hip areas, but also have greater sizes for the bust. Unlike regular female category Juniors and Juniors Plus has less differentiation between waist and hip. The main difference between the Juniors and Juniors Plus is the total size of each body. The Plus Juniors are perfectly cut for smaller bodies that are less developed: with less curves and a higher proportion of youth. Thus, the styles and designs of the dresses are geared towards the younger market.
Misses (Ladies)

The category Misses (ladies) or Missy is quite similar to the category of regular women, especially in the broad shoulders. However, the overall cut is significantly among girls and women. Although clothing under the category Misses cut more generously in the bust and hips, compared to the Juniors, yet are designed for adult women with smaller bust sizes and slimmer silhouettes. The styles and designs are usually designed to fashion, thinking adult women with small to promerio measures. The size of this category include small sizes for young women. The running gear is a little wider than in Juniors, but narrower than the woman.

Women’s (The size of Women)

The category of Women’s (Women) is primarily meant for adult women with fully developed bodies. His clothes are aimed at those with larger bust sizes, high waists and wide buttocks. This category offers a wide range of options for women with short legs and medium loose. A woman with a figure ripe would be more likely to prefer instead search options Misses (ladies). The styles and designs for women are also more mature and more suitable for adults.