Tired of rings bought in stores ? So get creative and make your own. If you want to make a wire jewelry rings, a ring of beads, spoon ring or even a ring of fabric, you will not need many things to begin. In fact, you can make a ring this afternoon and use it at night. Decide whether you want a jewel made ​​in house or enduring an innovative ring to use only once.

jewelry rings



Wrap your finger on wire



Measure your finger where you want to use the ring. To do this, buy a ring mandrel or make one. A mandrel is a cylinder going from narrow to wide. Somewhere in there is the size of your ring. To find out where, glue a strip of paper around your desired finger, making sure it’s large enough to slide over your knuckle. Then you can slide it under the chuck to find the correct size and mark that point. Or try it on any hard cylinder you have to be more or less the same thickness of your finger as a candle.



Use enough wire copper or fine silver to wrap around the mandrel four or five times. You must have enough remaining wire to make some creative wrapping.




Slide an account at the end of the piece of wire. Then, using pliers, wire crosses over the other side of the band that has been created by five wraps of wire. Centra pearl on top of the ring. You can make this a high loop and arches over the side, then continue looping wire around the band.



Make a loop at the end of the piece of wire around the band with a simple design if you are not using an account.



Give way to the ring. Put it in the chuck and smooth it until it is a perfect circle, using the flat side of mallet or a hammer with one end you have wrapped in leather or other durable, smooth fabric.



Soften the edges of the ring to deck there is no lump.



Consider making other types of jewelry rings. If you have a spoon or fork sterling silver, use pliers to bend from the end and wrap around the mandrel for the party decoration is located at the top. Around the concave part of the spoon back and forth, you can do it to break, and then smoothes the edges. If you can not, use a hacksaw or consult your local craftsman or artisan jeweler to use the appropriate tool.



Put a ring with beads to seed beads on elastic thread and wrap it around the mandrel four or five times. Then use the end of the piece of wire to wrap the bands together, just as you would with a wire in Step 4, and then tie the thread. Already have a ring with instant accounts to use as if it were new.