Although internships are considered by some critics as a way for companies to attract labor work cheap or free, can be a good way to start your career in the popular sectors like fashion. Some fashion practices paid a salary or offer college credit. If you can get a good internship in the fashion business right and impress the employer, you could get a job doing what you love regularly.


Think of the fashion field in which you want to work. If you have just completed a degree in textiles, it makes little sense as a makeup artist apply a practice unless you’re thinking about a radical change of direction. Establish what your passion is and what kind of practices would be better to help your chances of getting into your chosen part of the industry.

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Prepares a resume and a cover letter highlighting your education and experience to date in the fashion industry. If you have not studied a subject related to fashion in college and have little work experience, focus on your passion for the industry and mentions any extracurricular activities in which you have been involved that may be relevant. If you participated in fashion in high school or you design clothes in your spare time, talks about this in detail. He also mentions the designers, brands and fashion magazines you’re particularly interested. Develops a basic template that you can adapt the application to different companies.
Post a message on your social networking accounts for help to get an internship. Write specifically about the type of companies in which you want to work and in what capacity. You never know, one of the strangers who became friends online you happen to be a designer at a major fashion house.

Check with your contacts. Ask your university tutor, the people I’ve worked, friends and family and anyone in your network if they or someone they know, may help you get an internship in fashion. Send copies of your resume and cover letter to anyone you think could be useful.

Research fashion companies where you would like to work. Check out their websites to see if they offer a structured internship program. If not, take note of the contact details of the department of human resources.

Send requests to fashion companies. Follow the application process for any company that offers a formal lab program. For other companies, tailor your resume and cover letter for each organization to which you apply and send a speculative email.

Keep track of your e-mail with a phone call after two weeks if you do not receive a response from your speculative application. If you have requested an established program, please follow one month after the registration deadline or directly after the time at which the company said it would respond to applicants.