Although teens do not go to change cheats for candy on Halloween, still enjoy dressing up for this date or for costume parties. Often teens prefer beautiful costumes show their appearance. Find the elements for these beautiful costumes in thrift stores and selling second hand clothes. The costume stores that arise at the time of Halloween wigs offer economical versions and necessary for these costume jewelry.

The story of love and intrigue intrigue Cleopatra power to those who like the legends. Dressing as Cleopatra is a nice option for a costume. Start with a hair style queen, long black hair and bangs. Maybe you should buy a wig. Cleopatra dress folds over the shoulders and is long up to the feet . Place a metal belt around the waist. Anyone Cleopatra view must be made ​​up with eyeliner to highlight your eyes and lipstick deep red to accentuate the lips. The costume is complete with golden bracelets on the upper arm and wrist.


 ideas for teens


Many girls dress up as princesses from small. A princess costume is as simple or elaborate as you wish. Looking for used dresses or bridesmaids promotions in thrift stores. Use them to the main part of the costume. Add jewelry, including a tiara or crown. The costume shops sell Disney princess costumes like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. These costumes give them a bit of nostalgia to adolescents.
Movie Star
Dressing like a Hollywood star gives teens the opportunity to access their glamorous side. It is not necessary to choose a particular movie star. Disguise yourself as a typical movie star in an awards ceremony. Search gowns satin or sequins in a thrift store. Add a hair up and bright jewelry. Hold a trophy or an imitation of a statue to enhance the image. With a little more effort, girls can dress like a celebrity in particular.

The basis of a angel costume is white. Place on the shoulders yards (meters) of fine white cloth as organza or tulle to add sense of light. Make simple wings with wire and wire covers the white panties. Une wings to the back with a tie. Create an aura with wire wrapped in tinsel or purchase one at a costume store. Use sparkling white makeup on his face to complete the effect.