When we remember Audrey Hepburn always comes to mind his sweet, very feminine, delicate and elegant image that became his hallmark. It’s been 20 years since this great icon in the world of cinema and fashion told us goodbye. And today we do our particular tribute.

His style was unique and very recognizable, created its own brand through its image and triumphed there where going. Made of black color flag and wore it with all the elegance of the world in any style. Simple, pretty and very happy, so we can describe Audrey in broad strokes, but it is clear that there is much more.

 icon of film and fashion


Naturalness was something innate in the actress, hence the key to elegance. Givenchy was both header designer front as behind the scenes, getting a perfect combination where the beauty was above all. Audrey was always perfect.
Hats became one of fetish accessories. He was a great lover of all kinds of headwear, from a simple turban to the striking, worthy of Ascot hats .

Before devoting himself entirely to the world of cinema, the young woman was a great lover of dance, in fact safe who sculpted his fantastic silhouette while practicing ballet, which was one of his big dreams.

I think that I am not the only one who thinks that that bangs was only well to it, and to carry a minifloppies like that you have to have a face like yours. Her beauty was never eclipsed, rather the opposite, any of their outfits enhancing it even further. It was a great pioneer when she married for the first time in short, a spectacular dress that left her legs in the air and I’m sure that marked a before and an after in wedding dresses.

All will remember his image in mythic scenes of his films that will last in our retinas for ever. Who does not think Audrey and is seen dressed in black with her Pearl Necklace and a spectacular bow front showcase for Tiffany in “Breakfast at Tiffany ‘s”, or as a teenager driving a Vespa through the streets of Rome in “Holiday in Rome”… At the end so many roles players ended up giving success and got the desired Golden Oscar statuette.

The last years of his life, the actress devoted himself fully to humanitarian work, UNICEF Ambassador. He cared about the poor and lent his image to campaigns and charity galas that to help African children suffering AIDS or poor nutrition.

It has always been and will be a great icon. And as the own Elizabeth Taylor said: “God will be pleased to have an angel like Audrey about it”.